About the Congress


Every new edition of the Argentine Congress of Cardiology is better than the previous one; this is not by chance but rather an achievement accomplished by the effort of an entire work group under a perfect leadership. 
In 2022, with the return to face-to-face attendance after the COVID 19 pandemic, the congress demonstrated excellent scientific performance and the need for all the participants to communicate, embrace each other and share the lost moments again became especially evident. 
This year, the congress will not be different from the previous edition in that aspect, but the need to improve day by day will provide it with personal nuances. 
Last year, we had the feeling that despite the large area of La Rural, the venue was too small for more than 12,000 attendees, as the aisles were crowded during peak hours. 
For this year 2023, the South American Society of Cardiology (SSC) has designated the Argentine Society of Cardiology as host of the 30th CARDIOSUR to be held together with our SAC Congress. For this purpose, colleagues from all societies members of the SSC will be invited to participate and there will be special guests of the highest international level. Furthermore, and as usual, the 20th Argentine Congress of Pediatric Cardiology will also take place, with the participation of the most outstanding national and international consultants in the specialty. 
In this edition, we will repeat the characteristic formats with proven interest, including courses offered by our Society, round tables, symposia and conferences, among others. The target is a multidisciplinary outlook on patients’ care, not aimed at super-specialists but rather at office-based cardiologists, clinicians, family physicians and general practitioners, with information useful for decision-making in daily practice. 
We will also include joint multidisciplinary round tables with the concept of a comprehensive approach. We will count with international experts and joint round tables with several national and international societies which will provide their experience, allowing participants to perceive the similarities and differences in the diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases between different countries and specialties. 
All the scientific Councils, backbone of the SAC, and the young members will participate, and we expect this congress will continue with its federal line. Cardiovascular technicians and nurses will have a special place as every year. 
We propose a space with high scientific quality and variety of opinions, which is also an opportunity to meet again with many friends. 
We look forward to your participation in the 49th Argentine Congress of Cardiology, 20th Argentine Congress of Pediatric Cardiology and 30th CARDIOSUR, on October 19-21. 


Dr. Daniel H. Berrocal MTSAC

President of the South American Society of Cardiology

Dr. Cladio Majul MTSAC

President of the Argentine Society of Cardiology

Authorities SAC 2023


Dr. Claudio Majul MTSAC

Elected President
Dr. Victor M. Mauro MTSAC

Vicepresident 1º
Dr. Pablo Stutzbach MTSAC

Vicepresident 2º
Dr. Belén Tinari MTSAC

Dr. Gabriel Perea MTSAC

Dr. Hugo Silva MTSAC

Pro secretary
Dr. Silvia Makhoul MTSAC

Pro treasurer
Dr. Diego Pérez de Arenaza  MTSAC

Titular Members
1º    Dr. Marcos Amuchastegui
2º    Dr. Carolina Salvatori MTSAC
3º    Dr. Oscar A. Vogelmann
4º    Dr. Agustina Amenábar MTSAC

Substitute Members
1º    Dr. Jorgelina Medus
2º    Dr. Sebastián Galdeano 
3º    Dr. Christian Smith MTSAC
4º    Dr. Graciela I. Bruna


Dr. Pablo Stutzbach MTSAC

Chief Coordinator
Dr. Sergio Baratta MTSAC

Scientific Secretary
Dr. Verónica Inés Volberg MTSAC

Technical secretary
Dr. Christian Smith MTSAC

Dr. Gustavo Pedernera MTSAC
Dr. Rocio Villa Fernandez
Dr. Judith AckermanMTSAC
Dra. Silvina Verdugo
Dr. Federico Devetter
Dr. Escalante Jose Manuel
Dr. José Picco
Dr. Ricardo León de la Fuente MTSAC
Dr. Rocío Blanco
Dr. Fadi Andrés Nehme
Dr. José Bonorino MTSAC

Dr. Claudia Papini
Dr. Fernando Di Tomasso MTSAC
Dr. Constanza Zacarías
Dr. Mario Szejnfeld MTSAC
Dr. Rosana Elesgaray
Dr. Pablo Gustavo Pieroni MTSAC
Dr. María Florencia Renedo MTSAC
Dr. Rita Tepper
Dr. Rosa Barcellos Montañez

CARDIOSUR Authorities


Dr. Alejandro Martínez (Chile) 

Dr. Lourdes Campos (Perú)

Dr. María Alejandra Ibañez (Colombia)

Dr. Graciela Hurtado (Bolivia) 

Authorities of the 20th Argentine Congress of Pediatric Cardiology


Dr. Lidia Laghezza

Vicepresident 1º
Dr. Judith Ackerman

Vicepresident 2º
Dr. María Fernanda Biancolini

Dr. Hyon Yu Choe

Dr. Julio Biancolini

Pro Secretary
Dr. Dora Haag

Pro Treasurer
Dr. Ignacio Lugones

Titular Vocals
1º  Dr. Paula Manso
2º  Dr. Juan Manuel Bonelli
3º  Dr. Inés Martínez
4º  Dr. Ignacio Juaneda
5º Dr. Mariela Mouratian
6º Dr. Claudia Villalba


Dr. Christian Kreutzer

Scientific Secretary
Dr. Ana de Dios

Technical Secretary
Dr. Ernesto Juaneda

Chief Coordinator
Dr. Alejandro Peirone

Titular Vocals
1º Dr. Jesús Damsky Barbosa
2º Dr. Nora Bueno
3º Dr. Ana Schroh
4º Dr. Héctor Maisuls
5º Dr. Luis Alday
6º Dr. Horacio Faella