About the Congress

48th Argentine Congress of Cardiology 2022


A new Congress brings us together and a new challenge lies ahead of us: to organize one of the world’s best congresses in our specialty as we have been doing for years.

Our main protagonist: the clinical cardiologist.

Three intense days in which a multidisciplinary approach will be used to provide a comprehensive response to the problems we face on a daily basis in the doctor’s office or during hospital stay.

Round tables, courses, debates, interviews with experts and conferences will be the key to achieving our objective. All this activity will be focused on a broad and integrated view of cardiac and vascular pathology. Imaging specialists, interventional cardiologists, cardiovascular surgeons, will help us make the best decisions in a scenario in which patients have increasing frailty and comorbidities.

Optimizing this reality will be a priority, so the invitation to diabetologists, nephrologists, neurologists and hematologists, among others, through their respective Societies, will allow us to have a broader vision for correct decision-making.

International faculty of renowned experts will also help us to build and broaden our medical criteria in an increasingly globalized world, although with similar problems.

Special attention will be given to the Nurses and Technicians Seminar with whom we work on a daily basis being our main allies in our day-to-day work.

The Argentine Congress of Cardiology is the result of the selfless effort of our cardiological community that year after year demonstrates its mystique based on the highest quality and generosity in the transmission of its knowledge and experiences.

This year we will ratify this course and we invite you to be part of it.

Héctor A. Deschle MD <sup>MTSAC</sup>

Héctor A. Deschle MD MTSAC

President of the Argentine Society of Cardiology


Dr. Héctor A. Deschle MTSAC

President elect
Dr. Claudio R. Majul MTSAC

Vice president 1º
Dr. Víctor M. Mauro MTSAC

Vice president 2º
Dr. Juan Benger MTSAC

Dra. Verónica I. Volberg MTSAC

Dr. Héctor R. Gómez Santa María MTSAC

Pro Secretary
Dr. Orlando Gabriel Perea MTSAC

Pro Treasurer
Dr. Hugo E. Silva MTSAC

Titular Vocals
1º    Dra. Blanca M. Losada
2º    Dr. Mario J. Szejnfeld MTSAC
3º    Dr. Oscar A. Vogelmann
4º    Dra. Agustina Amenábar MTSAC

Substitute Vocals
1º    Dra. María D. Luconi
2º    Dr. Damián E. Holownia 
3º    Dr. Christian A. Smith MTSAC
4º    Dra. Graciela I. Bruna


Dr. Víctor M. Mauro MTSAC

Chief coordinator
Dr. Pablo Stutzbach MTSAC

Scientific Secretary
Dr. Sergio Baratta MTSAC

Technical secretary
Dra. María Belén Tinari

Dr. Gustavo Pedernera MTSAC
Dr. Elian Facundo Giordanino MTSAC
Dr. Fernando Garagoli MTSAC
Dra Fabiana Calabria
Dra. Rocio Villa Fernández
Dr. Mario Principato
Dr. Pablo Darío Díaz
Dra Judith Ackerman MTSAC
Dra. Cecilia Marpegan
Dra. Andrea Rodriguez MTSAC
Dra. Silvina Verdugo

Dra Karen Waisten
Dra Ana Daroca
Dra. Marina Baglioni
Dra. Mariana Carnevalini MTSAC
Dr Salvador De Francesca MTSAC
Dr. Enrique Sodor
Dr. Mariano Estofan
Dr. José Manuel Escalante
Dra. Neiva Maciel
Dr. Federico Devetter