Roles of the coordinator

  • Open the session exactly on the scheduled time.
  • Introduce his/herself and the speakers.
  • Comply with the time allocated for the session: each presentation should last 10 minutes. Questions are asked immediately after each presentation and for 5 minutes.
  • Chair discussions.
  • Promote participation of the audience.
  • End the session exactly on the scheduled time.
  • We recommend coordinators to be in contact with the other members of the session. For this reason, we provide their e-mail addresses and attach an e-mail format that can be used to initiate contact.

Roles of case report presenters

  • Prepare the case report in the terms requested: as a 10-minute PowerPoint presentation, using the SAC template (please download it from the SAC website).
  • Share your slides in advance to minimize issues during the presentation.
  • Keep in touch with the coordinator who will contact you.
  • Get to the venue on the scheduled time.
  • Present the case report.
  • Actively participate in the debate generated, answering questions from the coordinator, commentators and audience.
  • Keep within the time established by the coordinator.
  • After your presentation there will be 5 minutes for discussion, so please do not run over so as not to shorten this time.

Roles of comentators:

  • Get to the session on the scheduled time.
  • Listen carefully to the presentations.
  • Comment on each case report and timely ask questions to clarify the case report and enrich the presentation.