• 1 coordinator
  • 2 speakers (for and against)
  • Speaker 1: 10 minutes
  • Speaker 2: 10 minutes
  • Speaker 1 answer: 5 minutes
  • Speaker 2 answer: 5 minutes

Roles of the coordinator

The coordinator will open the session, introduce the topic and allow the participants to present their positions. Each speaker will have 10 minutes allocated for the presentation. Then each speaker will give his or her final comment (5 minutes each) and the coordinator will end the session. 

  • Open the session.
  • Introduce his/herself and the speakers.
  • Comply with the time allocated for the session (opening, time allocated to speakers, time allocated for final debate).
  • Allow time for speakers to summarize their positions and conclusions to end the discussion.
  • End the session.
  • Remain impartial throughout the session.
  • We recommend the coordinator to be in contact with the other members of the session. For this reason, we provide their e-mail addresses and attach an e-mail format that can be used to initiate contact.

Roles of speakers

  • Make a brief presentation on the topic in question, clearly stating your position.
  • Listen carefully to the presentation of the speaker “against” your position.
  • Keep within the time established.