Latin American Societies

South American Society of Cardiology (SSC)

Dr. Berrocal, Daniel

President of the South American Cardiology Society (SSC) - Head of Instituto de Medicina Cardiovascular, Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires. - Former President of the Argentine Society of Cardiology (SAC). - Former President of the Latin American Society of Interventional Cardiology (SOLACI). - Professor of Cardiovascular Pathophysiology at the National University of Buenos Aires (UBA).

Bolivian Society of Cardiology

Imagen de Dra. Rosa Castedo.

Dra. Castedo, Rosa

Cardiologist- Echocardiography Laboratory, Hospital San Juan de Dios. - President of the Bolivian Society of Cardiology, 2021-2023. - Fellow of the Interamerican Society of Cardiology (SIAC). - Fellow of the South American Society of Cardiology. - Member of the Society of Cardiology of the State of São Paulo (SOCESP) - Member of the Interamerican Society of Cardiovascular Imaging (SISIAC)

Brazilian Society of Cardiology

Dra. Samuel Avila, Mónica

Assistant Physician of heart failure and transplant at InCor university of Sao Paulo, Brazil Cardiologist of Heart Failure Program at Sirio Libanes Hospital

Dr. Wolney de Andrade, Martins MD, MSc, PhD, TEC, FESC

Professor of Cardiology at the Faculty of Medicine at UFF.   President of the Cardiology Society of Rio de Janeiro in the 2020-2021.   Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology President of the BSC Cardio-Oncology Study Group Coordinator of the Cardio-Oncology Postgraduate Course at the BSC / National Institute of Cardiology and National Cancer Institute.

Chilean Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Dr. Sepúlveda, Luis

Medicine, internal medicine and cardiology, Universidad de Chile. President of the Chilean Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Fellow of the American College of Cardiology Assistant Professor, Universidad de Chile Associate Professor, Universidad del Desarrollo Director CCU, Clínica Alemana

Colombian Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery

Dr. Rodríguez, Jaime Alberto MD

Specialist in internal medicine, cardiology, echocardiography and cardiovascular imaging. President of the Colombian Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery. Vice-president of the Colombian Heart Foundation. Society of Cardiovascular Imaging of the Inter-American Society of Cardiology. SISIAC

Dominican Society of Cardiology

Dra. Concepción, Rafaelina

Cardiologist / Cardiac Rehabilitation. President of SODOCARDIO and Vice-president of SIAC for Central America and the Caribbean.

Mexican Society of Cardiology

Dr. Cossio Aranda, Jorge Eduardo

Internist, cardiologist and interventional cardiologist  Master and doctor in Medical Sciences  President of the Mexican Society of Cardiology Fellow of the American College of Cardiology Fellow of the European Society of Cardiology   Professor at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (undergraduate and postgraduate levels).

Paraguayan Society of Cardiology

Dr. Marecos Baruja, Alberto

Cardiologist - Master TEE President of the Paraguayan Society of Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery Fellow ACC

Peruvian Society of Cardiology

Dr. Zegarra, Ricardo

President of the Peruvian Society of Cardiology Director of Electrophysiology, Clínica Javier Prado, Lima - Peru.

Uruguayan Society of Cardiology

Dr. Paganini, Juan José

Associate Professor of Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital de Clínicas, Universidad de la República. Montevideo. Cardiovascular Surgeon, Cardiocentro Asociación Española. FACC LACES President of the Uruguayan Society of Cardiology

Venezuelan Society of Cardiology

Dra. Blanco Sobrino, Susana

Surgeon and Doctor of Health Sciences, Universidad Central de Venezuela. Specialist in cardiology, Instituto Venezolano de los Seguros Sociales and in molecular genetics in cardiology. Doctor of Biological Sciences, Universidad Simón Bolívar. She has recently published a paper entitled "Genetic abnormalities in immune receptors in patients with acute myocardial infarction".