Intersocietary Round Table

WHF, ACC, ESC, PAHO, SIAC, SSC, SAHA, Ministry of Health, SAM

(World Heart Federation, American College of Cardiology, European Society of Cardiology, Pan American Health Organization, Inter-American Society of Cardiology, South American Society of Cardiology, Argentine Society of Arterial Hypertension, Ministry of Health and Argentine Society of Medicine)


The round table is a meeting of specialists around a thematic axis of debate. Each speaker will present a topic from their own perspective, being concrete and specific on the assigned topic. The coordinators will ask questions and comment on the topic discussed. The audience through the coordinators will be able to ask questions to the speaker.

Session duration


  • In recorded sessions with international guests, the recording schedule must be coordinated with the scientific committee so that the coordinator asks the international speaker questions.
  • Start the session on time
  • Introduce themselves and each of the speakers
  • Comply with the table times:  The length of your talk should not exceed the time allocated. Each talk must be 15 minutes. The questions are made immediately after each presentation and for 5 minutes. (If the presentation exceeds the allotted time, then the discussion time of that talk is shortened, so we ask that you respect the times).
  • Moderate discussions
  • Promote public participation
  • Give your personal input regarding the themes of the presentations, in the context of a feedback to each presentation
  • Close the table on time
  • It is recommended that coordinators be in contact with the other members of the table. For this reason, we provide them with their email addresses and attach an email format that can be used to initiate contact
  • Prepare the talk in the requested format: in Powerpoint, using the SAC template that is available for download on the web, duration of 15 minutes
  • Facilitate the Powerpoint presentation before the event to minimize the risk of playback failures
  • Be in contact with the table coordinator, in advance.
  • It’s really important to arrive on site on timePresent  your talk and then actively participate in the discussion, answering the questions of the coordinators, assistants and participating in the debate with the other speakers at the table
  • Be respectful of the times agreed by the table coordinator
  • The discussion of your presentation will be 5 minutes after it, that is why we ask you to be respectful of the times in order not to shorten the discussion time.